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Tips With Turtle #6
« on: August 12, 2018, 10:48:58 AM »
Welcome back to Tips With Turtle!

How to get good at aiming/killing players.

No.1 Always prefire. Doing this will make it so you get the jump on people if you can hit at least one shot before them you should win the fight.

No.2 Bhop. Doing this will help you get around the map faster. Now bhopping is not easy you have to press space as soon as you hit the ground... Wait a second this is easy.

No.3 Wall hacks. This is my best tip so far. Not wall hacking is what most people do on the server (Myself included)
they are easy as fuck to hide (With a little practice) and if you look hard you could find a "mod" that makes most walls clear so you can see enemys that are behind walls But dont mind that dirty feeling that you have when you hack it will go away after a few games.

And this has been Tips With Turtle! Hope you all have a good day/night/whatever-the-fuck. And remember, I take no responsibility if you get banned or reported for cheating! (Hell i may even do it my self!)

Turtle <3