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Suggesting Guide
« on: April 15, 2016, 03:30:01 PM »
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[b]Why Should This Be Added:[/b]





Follow the below rules if you wish to post a thread!

*Don't bother posting if you know yourself the idea is incomplete.

*Creative and informative title!

*Plenty of details!Suggestion for commands! (If required)

*Pros and cons are a must!

*Don't bother suggesting changes which everyone would hate.

*Do not ever dare forum PMing staff to look at your suggestion.We look at sugggestions once a while and we feel free to deny/accept suggestions without any comment.

*Add a poll! Not doing so will get your suggestion automatically denied!

*Use the categories! It's not very difficult!

*Pointers if you want increased risk of having your suggestion accepted.

*Encourage curiosity - make it fun for people to explore the server!

*Originality - suggest something new and interesting, instead of old and removed features.

*Balance! - keep your suggestions balanced. Take both sides into consideration. Will your suggestion make it too easy for Humans and more hard for Zombies?

DO NOT post in this thread unless you are either me,Cadi,Booglie or any R00t Admin or Admin for rules/format updates.
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