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General Discussion / Re: Sapus Clan Official Thread
« Last post by Xhutaz on Today at 09:49:55 PM »
Yo juego de incógnito, o de vez en cuando, a quedar siempre en el primero en el score claro, y no pido ser líder, más económico imposible xd
General Discussion / Re: Sapus Clan Official Thread
« Last post by Anonymous[VE] on Today at 07:38:24 PM »
Nisiquiera aquí en el forum son activos, ya no es lo mismo de antes cuando todos querían entrar y hasta no aceptábamos a mas personas por tanta gente que quería entrar, esos tiempos no volverán
v34 Legacy Servers / Re: [v34] ZoMBIE [-HIDEOUT-] -
« Last post by Mam on Today at 07:22:31 PM »
The Sorting of maps done, hopefully this helps you somehow and help the servers to bring more traffic!

As I said before, now the big load onto Cadi.. all thanks goes for him for the efforts.
Good job mam. Again, I deleted my comment since you have already used my list.
Reports / [Wallhack] "Josefina"->[Ŧlค๓zץ] αкαchɪ°
« Last post by Wara on Today at 02:17:26 PM »
"Josefina" but his real name is "[Ŧlค๓zץ] αкαchɪ°"


Wallhack, This player has already gone unnoticed, today I took the trouble to record it, and it was clear evidence that I took ... pay attention as it enters the sites (A - B) directly to the enemies, the last test, in long was the clearest ... Since a companion of his stood in front, which covers the vision of the enemy, but it was still pointing.


General Discussion / Re: Sapus Clan Official Thread
« Last post by Wara on Today at 12:47:29 PM »
De que existe, existe... Solo que los integrantes no son tan activos como antes.
Aye, sounds fun. You can count on me on this one as well.

Since mam has added my list to his replies I'll delete my comments to keep the place organized.

64. zm_runbrun_v1 (for cheap spots in not that i know just is headcrab invisible can't see time he kill loser.)

74. zm_urban_downtown_v2 (To be deleted for sure, you know for easy door password **** in use mp5 guns this one time kill slay and cheap spots car.)
General Discussion / Re: Miss Me?
« Last post by Eye Patch on Today at 08:57:41 AM »
I don’t play anymore the same goes for the rest of the clan. Sadly I don’t have any internet aka good for online games
So i don’t play any games these days. I hope I’ll get back to the community soon but I have no clue when.
So anyways take care love ya guys
v34 Legacy Servers / Re: [v34] ZoMBIE [-HIDEOUT-] -
« Last post by Mam on Today at 08:04:35 AM »
This is the sorting of maps list of Unlimited and Reloaded as well -I did not include the escape maps on reloaded as they were all mentioned in the posts I made in escape maps list sorting-. Will be editing on this shortly!

RED=To Be Removed ( Either kept aside OR deleted for good.. I will be stating such a thing )
ORANGE=Needs fixing ( rarely to be found in regular maps )
GREEN=To be kept in the current map cycle

P.S. You will be seeing few with two colors combined, it means I wasn't able to decide between them.
P.S.S. If there's a " * " at the end of the opinion given next to a map name, then it means this belongs to "The Watcher".

1. zm_3dubka_v3 ( Traffic killer -we had about 5 players.. lost them down to 2 only- to be deleted for sure)

2. zm_420_office_v7_[zh_fix2] ( For some reason people like this version more than v8.. not sure why even though I tried to ask many, but wasn't able to get any clear answer. Although the two versions are to keep, they get us good traffic. On the other hand we need to delete other boring maps to prevent people starting getting bored of this one from playing it for too long. As they keep voting for it every chance they get)

3. zm_420_office_v8_[zh_Fix] ( Read above )

4. zm_4way_tunnel_i3d ( It's sorta boring as for being too big for a barricade map. I recommend it to be kept aside and taken off from the maps list for the time being. We lost all the traffic when I changed it to this map, sadly!)

5. zm_Base_day_v3_[zh_fix] ( Awesome map, this is to keep for sure. Now traffic-wise it's not a bad one. Although there's one glitch to mention about this one that needs a fix which is: at spawn whenever a person tries to get out the spawn rooms the first person that tries to, gets stuck into something invisible -It should be clear to see in this demo: now many already do a ztele to get out while they can, but newbies don't know so and they won't like it to be stuck right there!

6. zm_Cadi_Halloween_final_beta ( I have to be honest with you on this one. I love it.. I love every detail of it. Speedy guns, textures, piano playing at that room of your, music  and weed pot..and details that are hard to mention each one of it. I personally love it, BUTwhenever this map comes on many players just either leave OR rtv as soon as they are able to, I can't understand why though.. this used to be and will be always my favorite map of yours. But at the time being with the traffic we get.. I recommend to take it off the list for now until we manage the traffic. Although I think the reason is for it being kinda big and hard to catch up with it for them which is the same thing as it happened with 420 v8 when it got expanded, they liked the older one as being easy to search for humans much more to them -that's just my opinion-)

7. zm_Cadi_Hideout_v1 ( So far they seem to like it, I even asked personally each player was on there if they like it or not.. and everyone said yes. It's fun to play.. so it's a keeper for sure)

8. zm_Lila_Panic_vnv_[zh_fix3] ( Fun one, to keep for sure.. it actually brought more traffic)

9. zm_Monopoly_[zh_fix] ( This one should be kept aside and taken off the maps list for sure.. most of the players were on there agreed to remove it for now as it's too small)

10. zm_athletic_factory_v4 ( Boring one.. has to be deleted )

11. zm_atix_helicopter ( To keep for sure )

12. zm_black_lion_macd_v8 ( I say to keep it.. even though it might gets boring with a few number of players. Better to have it than nothing)

13. zm_boatescape5_remix ( Delete this version.. add instead the echo_boatescape which is on the escape server already. That other version is more fun than this one for sure)

14. zm_bumfight_v3 ( It's risky to keep this one.. it would be boring with a few number of players. It's good, but I say to keep it aside for the time being.. UNLESS we really need to add more maps then you might want to consider it)

15. zm_city17 ( I think it's not a bad map, seems people to like it despite having few cheap spots which can be handled if an admin is around. To keep in the list for sure)

16. zm_clocks_final_fixed (This one is to be kept for sure. Everything about it is cool for the most part and people like it. There is one glitch related to the graphics though: From time to time my screen goes black during this map and when it comes back to normal it's not as bright as it should be. This has also happened to mam, which means it should be happening to other players as well. It is far from making the map unplayable though)*

17. zm_crazycity (This one is to be kept for sure. You'll hardly find someone who doesn't like this map. There is only a cheap spot inside the "AP building" that would do a lot of good if it wasn't there)*

18. zm_darkhouse_ocxv3 ( Seems okay, I think should be left in the list for now)

19. zm_deep_thought_v4_[zh_fix] ( Of course to be kept )

20. zm_desolo ( To be deleted for sure, with players approval. It's a traffic killer)

21. zm_downtown ( Not bad, seems fun for many players. To be kept in the list)

22. zm_dustpanic_b2 ( Based on what I've seen so far most people actually enjoy playing it, keep this one)*

23. zm_farm2_nav72 (This is to be kept for sure, there's nothing wrong with it. But there is a lame (cheap) spot that people always get in and stay there forever and if there are no admins around nothing can be done.. Which means other players will get pissed:*

24. zm_fidlers-green_b2 ( To be removed, with players approval.. it's kinda boring to play)

25. zm_floating_rock_v5 ( Even though it's fun, but with bots it isn't fun at all for the first zombie player.. not to mention many cheap spots. I say for the time being, take it off the maps list)

26. zm_frightning_neighbourhood3 ( Boring one, to be deleted for sure with players approval)

27. zm_ghs_cartoon ( This one is traffic killer for sure, it's boring. Not to mention there's only one entrance to the teleport as shown in here: and if any player blocks the rest won't be able to pass through him.. so yeah without an admin online to help it's gonna make players leave for sure. To be deleted)

28. zm_ghs_wild_cbble_b2 ( Sort of boring and not worth keeping for sure )

29. zm_gl33m4x_errata ( after valve update this map became a traffic killer.. all the players camp only one spot this: and basically made players either rtv or leave out of boredom playing in the same spot every round. So yeah, for the time being keep it aside as I'm sure there are much more maps worth adding than this one)

30. zm_hellarch ( Even though I like this map, for being simple and easy.. but considering what players think. I have seen them leave whenever it comes on leaving the server empty. So keep it aside for now until we work the traffic out)

31. zm_house_outbreak4 ( This map isn't that bad )

32. zm_icearch_[zh_edit] ( This is the ice theme version of hellarch.. so yeah read what I said about it)

33. zm_illmination_b2 ( It used to be fun to play, now players mostly leave whenever it comes on)

34. zm_industrial_rampage_fixed ( I think it's fun to keep such a map, not bad)

35. zm_industry_v2 ( Boring one, always a traffic killer)

36. zm_labys_secret ( Boring one )

37. zm_lila_office_v4 ( So far, fun to play. To be kept for sure)

38. zm_lila_office_remix ( I like this one, as usual fun to play)

39. zm_lila_panic_funmod_fix8 ( In my honest opinion this one is the only one of lila maps that should be actually removed.. it always has been boring to play and not fun at all. I say take it off the list for now)

40. zm_lila_panic_sethensv3 ( To be kept for sure)

41. zm_lila_panicdark ( Best to be kept )

42. zm_lila_winter_b2 ( In this map players do not barricade at all, they just camp two spots mostly. Here - I'm not sure to keep it or not.. but if it gets removed I'm sure no will miss it so yeah)

43. zm_litown_zn ( Not a bad map )

44. zm_little_italy_v3_zn2  ( This map gets boring after playing a few rounds already.. it's too small in my opinion. There are further much more better maps to add than this one)

45. zm_mars_wasteland_v2 ( Delete it without any regrets.. it's boring as hell)

46. zm_miniature_room_v1 ( To be deleted for sure, it's boring as hell and nothing seems interesting about it at all to me. Not to mention it's a traffic killer. Also all of the players tried to rtv already, but weren't able to rock it actually cause of one player)

47. zm_mk_map_v2 ( Boring one, it's a traffic killer for sure. Although it used to be fun, but now it isn't that much in my opinion and many players left cause of it)

48. zm_moon_zombie_run_night ( I think the two version should be kept for now, it's fun to play for whomever wants to either barricade or camp a spot and even good for grenade planting.. so yeah it's a keeper)

49. zm_moon_zombie_run_v1 ( Read Above )

50. zm_moonlight_v2 ( Boring one, this map kills the traffic instantly whenever it comes on. The players even start to rtv after a few rounds and when it's not possible to change it they just leave.. resulting in an empty server most of the times when this map is on only playing with bots)

51. zm_neko_athletic_park_v2 ( I personally don't like it at all, but I have seen some players actually enjoy playing it and even voting to extend whenever a vote appears with such an option to do so)

52. zm_ocx_orly_v4 ( As the one above it, whenever it comes on players start to rtv.. it became boring to play such a map nowadays. Not to mention the cheap spot in this map that makes everyone leave right on when there's no admin to freeze the player as shown in picture:

53. zm_old_abandoned_v3 ( This map actually could be fun to add to DeathMatch server.. as for zombie server I think it would be boring as hell to do so)

54. zm_resident_evil_fixed ( To be deleted for sure, this one isn't as fun as it used to be.. all the players camp only one spot making it even more boring with low traffic as shown in picture the room on right: )

55. zm_rockymountainfacility_v1 ( I think this one should be deleted for sure.. it's boring)

56. zm_roy_abandoned_canals_new ( Boring as hell to play this map nowadays.. it would kill the traffic even more, to which it does whenever it comes on)

57. zm_roy_barricade_factory ( The players camp only one spot mostly.. therefore making the game unbalanced and unfair for zombies. It's a traffic killer for sure)

58. zm_roy_highway ( This one is huge and gets boring walking almost alone for long distance without any actual players around you.. mostly the players just leave. I say to keep it off the list for the time being)

59. zm_roy_old_industrial ( Boring with players approval.. they instantly try to rtv whenever it comes on. To be deleted for sure)

60. zm_roy_the_ship_64 ( This one isn't that bad and until now it's playable and fun so far )

61. zm_roy_zombieranch_night_b4 ( To be deleted, it isn't fun at all nowadays. Players start rtv instantly as well)

62. zm_rtr_dark_playground_b3a ( Full of cheap spots that are traffic killers when no admin is online. I think you should remove it for sure)

63. zm_ruined_town_v4 ( Burn it, remove it.. burn the hard drive with this map in it. Ever since CSS got updated this one always made players leave and it still does if they can't reach the numbers needed for rtv to change it)

64. zm_runbrun_v1 ( This one used to be fun back then when people did actually barricade, nowadays they just go to the cheap spots in it.. to which there are plenty of these in this map for example this one: Even though, they still like the map and it's fun to play to be honest. To keep it or not I'm not sure, although we had a good traffic on this one around 8-10 players and players did not want it to change at all -I tried to change it with a vote even to make sure.. all voted no-)

65. zm_salon_moon ( I think we should keep it for now, as it's fun to play and different than the rest of maps)

66. zm_small_river_nav72 (This is another good map. It's short, has places to barricade and camp.. it's fun to play. Keep it)*

67. zm_spacestationflee_v3 ( Although I like this map.. but it appears that most of the current players don't know how to escape in such a map, rather they are sticking with to camping a cheap-spot not related to escaping at all here: anyway since we are already got our escape maps to be added, I think this one should be removed for sure as it's traffic killer currently)

68. zm_temple_v2 ( Boring as hell to play this one, I think nowadays it's a traffic killer for sure)

69. zm_texture_city ( This one is a keeper for now, most of the players seem to enjoy playing it)

70. zm_titan_complex_v1 ( Delete it without any regrets, last time I checked it kills the traffic.. once we had about 10-14 players, once the map changed to this one they kept leaving one by one down to 3-2 players only. So yeah remove it)

71. zm_toxa_cold ( Not a bad map, fun to play.. especially for players that love to grenade plant on this map is their best choice for that)

72. zm_trandhelen ( TRAFFIC KILLER.. this map is huge and makes the players leave whenever it comes on.. this one is to burn for sure)

73. zm_tx_highschoolbeta7 ( This one should be removed for sure, with low traffic it ain't any good to keep)

74. zm_urban_downtown_v2 ( At least every time I join the server and this is the current map the server is almost empty, not to mention the people that keep trying to get the prohibited gun, get punished for it and end up leaving the server or getting kicked/banned.. I don't think it would be missed if it was deleted)*

75. zm_utility ( Boring to play nowadays)

76. zm_valley ( Not that bad and not that good either.. I can't tell whether to keep it on the list or remove it.. cause sometimes players gets annoyed and start trying to rtv if not they leave)

77. zm_vehiclecenter_b3 ( To be deleted for sure )

78. zm_wasteyard_beta3 ( In case you need an extra maps to re-add, otherwise I think it should remove from the current map cycle)

79. zm_westwood_final ( This map isn't that bad of a map and isn't that good either. It's fun to play and fair for both zombies and humans. For now keep it )

80. zm_winter_forrest ( Not a bad map, it's a keeper for now )

81. zm_winterfun_b4a ( Boring one, always make players leave. Remove it)

82. zm_wtfhax_v6 ( Seems fun to have, I think you should keep both of its versions )

83. zm_wtfhax_v6b ( As above )

84. zm_wwt_twinssteel_v8 ( This is a good map IF we have a good amount of people willing to play it which is not possible with the traffic we have today. Keep it aside for now, it's a traffic killer.. sadly)*

85. zm_zerbes_corruption ( Delete it, traffic killer )
86. zm_zerbest_green_rain_beta2 ( Delete it, traffic killer )
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