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Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 01:15:04 AM
I suggest a Jail Break mod/map, I love Jailbreak, one of my favorite game of CS:S other then Zombies...
Use to play it back then a lot, still addicting sometimes if you can find the "right" server, a bunch of idiots who don't know how to run a freaking jailbreak server other then eGO... Blah...

I have the maps if you want too try this... and also I helped develop a few maps so I can possibly have our "OWN" custom jail break maps... *wink*... I miss SouceSDK, miss my old profile too, wonder where that went lolz.
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: Enfini on July 02, 2010, 09:34:46 AM
Yeah jailbreak is a fun mod. i like it a lot. but im always sick and tired of freekillers, and people who dont follow the rules. Yeah this is a good idea
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 10:14:34 AM
I got a set of rules to go with it *wink*
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: DamienCockburn on July 02, 2010, 10:30:49 AM
since there is a alot of admins it could work
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 12:47:22 PM
I hope hideout gets another server for a perma jailbreak. Be sweet... Wheres cadi when you need to talk to him..

I got a list of rules to along with the rules... I'll only post if Cadi wants to do Jailbreak or it would be a waste of my time to type these 4 (Hand Written) pages...
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: Enfini on July 02, 2010, 03:24:36 PM
If cadi put his mods into a jailbreak server i would garanteed it would be the shit lol i've played a lot of jailbreak and there aren't and mods that cool
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 03:29:13 PM
Well management wise Mods, I can help with the maps and guidelines/rules for a Jailbreak server... and that would be great, are you talking nade planting? There's nades in a few jail maps...

If Cadi does, I would get a server and have it paid, for Jailbreak for Hideout...
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: DamienCockburn on July 02, 2010, 03:30:37 PM
why the hell would you write 4 pages of rules and why would you put down so many rules
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 03:31:52 PM
Details and details... Its all about the Details of the rules......
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 04:44:04 PM
You wanna see the rules/guidelines....

Jail Mod Regulations
This regulation, "rulebook", will alleviate the majority of the loop holes and any misconceptions made about the server rules. Also, it will solidify the rules, so it will protect the integrity of our servers.

Article I: "Freekilling"

Section A: Definition of freekilling

Subsection 1: A prisoner (terrorist) that is killed for no reason who was following orders, not in prohibited areas, and unarmed and not wanted.

Section B: Collateral Damage

Subsection 1: Defined as...

a.) One who is shot for being right behind/next to/in front of an attacking prisoner. If one is killed due to collateral damage it is up to the admins and only the admins to determine if in fact it was collateral damage.

b.) However if the unarmed prisoners are purposely in front / bunched up with the attacking prisoner and a guard (Counter-Terrorist) is allowed to kill both prisoners.

Subsection 2: If multiple prisoners are killed due to collateral (which is up the admins discretion on how much is too much) then it is in fact considered freekilling.

Section C: Complaints about freekillers/freekilling

Subsection 1: If a Guard (Counter-Terrorist) is continuously freekilling (again up to the admins discretion on how much is too much) then he/she will be kicked.

Subsection 2: If a prisoner spams chat/mic/admin chat with anything containing "free" and "kill" in the same context then he/she will be gagged/muted/silenced,

Subsection 3: Let the admins do their job, complaining will only further the admins into ignoring spam.

Article II: Counter-Terrorists (Guards)

Section A: Definition of the Guard's role

Subsection 1: To order the prisoners around.

Subsection 2: To hunt for and kill escaping / wanted / AFK prisoners.

Subsection 3: To work with their team to prevent a prison riot

Section B: Rules as a Guard

Subsection 1: Not to kill innocent prisoners

Subsection 2: Must have a microphone to issue commands, no mic means no issuing commands, but can remain on CT as long as no orders are attempted to be given.

a.) Commands by text will be ignored.

b.) Killing prisoners who didn't listen to said text is considered freekilling.

c.) Must not be randomly chattering on the mic.

Subsection 3: Cannot frame prisoners by throwing weapons on them

Subsection 4: If a prisoner has a weapon out, said prisoner can be killed

Subsection 5: If a prisoner has a weapon holstered or on their back, must be warned to drop unless already wanted for attacking or killing a guard

Subsection 6: Guards cannot camp unless they are watching a prisoner or areas where a suspected prisoner is located (e.g. watching a door that a wanted prisoner keeps opening and closing.)

Subsection 7: Cells cannot be open later than 5:00 or a minute from round start (e.g. Round starts at 8:00 must be opened at 7:00)

a.) Guards cannot force prisoners to stay in cells at all

b.) If cell doors are opened they are to remain opened UNLESS a guard orders them out by X:XX or they will close them

c.) If cell doors are opened guards are not allowed to tell prisoners to stay in the cells, if they order them to stay in the general vicinity (area) around cells is acceptable

Subsection 8: Do not frame prisoners by throwing them weapons and then soon killing them after giving them said weapon.

Subsection 9: Do not order prisoners to go into one area and then stand around them with a live grenade and tell them not to kill you because many people can be killed due to the fact that one prisoner can determine the life of many others.

Subsection 10: Definition of Baiting

a.) Standing in front of a T with your back facing them.

b.) Running through the Ts.

c.) Standing in a crowd of Ts.

d.) Standing in an area that Ts have to go through that have no other doors aka hallways.

Subsection 10: Last CT Rules:

a.) Last CT is allowed to kill the prisoners whether they are wanted or not

b.) Telling other CTs to suicide to be the last CT is prohibited, caught doing so will result in a kick

c.) As last CT you must go and find the prisoners, camping is prohibited and continuously doing so will result in a kick

d.) As last CT you may kill the remaining Ts, not required as long as your with the Ts and not camping where there aren't no Ts. Should be advised that there are people waiting to play.

Section C: Misc.

Subsection 1: Gun Planting

a.) Cannot plant primaries.

b.) Cannot plant guns on Ts in large groups.

c.) Cannot plant guns on Ts while still in cells.

Article III: Terrorists (Prisoners)

Section A: Definition of the Prisoner's role

Subsection 1: To try to escape and kill the guards (and/or plant the bomb on some maps)

Subsection 2: Listen to the guards orders to prevent from being killed

Subsection 3: To work together as a team to overrun the prison

Section B: Rules as a Prisoner

Subsection 1: Must use text chat to respond as they ARE MUTED EXCEPT for admins

Subsection 2: If AFK in a round for more than 15 seconds, the AFK prisoner is considered free game

Subsection 3: Must not spam "freekiller"

Subsection 4: Must not argue with a guard

Subsection 5: Prisoners do not have to crouch unless moving, if not moving then they are allowed to stand since they have to respond by text

Subsection 6: Prisoners can not refuse games that can get them killed. However, if a T is on special treatment, they can be exempt from said game(s)

a.) Regarding games, the following are banned:

i.) Simon Says

ii.) Live or Die

iii.) Any unreasonable game

Section C: Becoming Wanted (Free to kill)

Subsection 1: Killing a CT

Subsection 2: Attacking a CT

Subsection 3: Escaping

Subsection 4: Being in a prohibited area such as...

a.) Armory or Weapon Caches

b.) Bomb sites

c.) Bomb

d.) Vents

e.) Tunnels

f.) Defined by the Warden where not to go

Subsection 5: Not listening to a CTs command that's reasonable (drop weapon, stop moving, stop jumping, etc)

Subsection 6: Once bomb (C4) is planted, all Terrorists are wanted

Section D: Last request

Subsection 1: Last terrorist and only LAST terrorist gets last request

Subsection 2: He/she is allowed to request anything with in reason such as: (Examples given)

a.) Gun toss

b.) Running for 15 seconds with no shooting or following

c.) Knife fight

d.) Telling them to kill you

e.) Etc.

Subsection 3: Not a reasonable request:

a.) Lining the CTs up to be shot

b.) Forcing CTs to turn around and not face the last T (however you can face the last T if he/she is running away but not follow if asked not)

c.) Executing the CTs in an execution room in a map

d.) Forcing all CTs into one isolated area where the T can run off, come back take shots, run off again, etc without the CTs being able to run out.

e.) Shot for shot in a hallway or close quarters with any gun. This is just a killing fest and requires no skill.

f.) Certain Last Requests do not require a CT to stay out (if its CTs have to do said LR, if T wants to do climb by their self then that does not require any CTs to go in), however the following do:.

i.) Maze.

ii.) CT Trivia.

iii.) Race (Closed/Indoor Races [Spyder, Failjail], Open/Outside do not).

iv.) Climb (Outside climbs do not)

Section E: Misc.

1) If the clock hits 0:00 and the announcer says Counter Terrorists Win, Round End, Round Drawn. Because it is no longer a round once the announcer says what team won. It is OKAY to kill the prisoners. Such maps this occurs on are : Forest, Artic, Jail_eGO (aka bomb planting maps)

If time hit 0:00 and no announcer then they are not allowed to just randomly kill the Ts.
Maps this occurs on are : Vanity, Maximum, Alcatraz, Prison_break_final, etc!



These rules are applied on top of CCgaming's main rules.
Questions or comments about these rules? PM Zueler - Alpha Kilo on http://www.ccgaming.com

We uphold our rules above Jail's but at the same time we do our best to maintain a fun gaming environment.
Any loophole found in these rules in which an admin finds unfair can and will result in a kick and/or ban.
Arguing against these rules can and will result in a kick and/or ban.
Arguing with an admin can and will result in a kick and/or ban.
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 04:45:30 PM

- Trivia's

- Trivia
One Counter-Terrorist asks a question, the first Terrorist to answer said question correctly picks X amount of Terrorists to be killed.

- Bloody Bunny Trivia
Any and All Terrorists to answer the trivia question are immediately executed.

- Acid Trivia
One Counter-Terrorist asks a question, the first terrorist to answer said question correctly picks X amount of Terrorists to be killed. Also any and all Terrorist to answer said question incorrectly will be executed.

- Group Trivia
The Terrorists are split up into 2 (or more) groups, and are then asked a trivia question. The losing group will be shot (if there is more then one other group then the winner from the winning group gets to pick a group, not his own).

- Spell it
One Counter-Terrorist says a word over the microphone, the first Terrorist to spell out this English word correctly picks X amount of Terrorists to be executed.

- Death Races

- Death Race
All, or a group of Terrorists, race to a certain point (also go back if the warden decides for them too), the last X amount of Terrorists will be executed.

- Gun Death Race
A small amount of Terrorists (4 or less) will race to a certain point where a Counter-Terrorist has places a gun. The Terrorist to pick up the gun will be the only Terrorist to live.

- Pit Death Race
The Terrorists are placed into a "pit" and are forced to race out of it. The last X amount of Terrorists out die.

- Spray Contests

- Highest Wins
Terrorists must spray their sprays as high up on a vertical surface as possible without touching the top. The spray which has it's lowest pixel higher than all other sprays wins. Either the winner will pick X number of Terrorists to die or the owners of the bottom X number of sprays will be killed. The owner of any spray touching the top may be killed.

- Lowest Wins
Terrorists must spray their sprays as low down on a vertical surface as possible without touching the bottom. The spray which has it's lowest pixel lower than all other sprays wins. Either the winner will pick X number of Terrorists to die or the owners of the bottom X number of sprays will be killed. The owner of any spray touching the bottom may be killed.

- Other

- S4S
One Terrorist and one Counter-Terrorist are each given the same weapon (commonly a deagle) and must take turns firing at each other until either players dies.

- Knife fight
An equal number of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists will fight each other with nothing but knives. There are no consequences for any kills during this game.

- Gun toss
One Terrorist and one Counter-Terrorist throw a particular weapon from a set location. Whoever throws their weapon the farthest wins.

- Odd Man Out
When a Counter-Terrorist types "Go" in chat, a pre-designated group of 3 Terrorists will type either 1 or 2 in chat. Whoever types the number which the other two do not type dies. If all players type the same number, the last person to type that number dies.

- Pick-a-??? (a.k.a. Musical Solitary)
This game involves one Counter-Terrorist typing one of multiple locations in Counter-Terrorist team chat, then ordering all Terrorists to stand in one of those locations. Any Terrorist who stands in the location picked by the Counter-Terrorist dies. This game must have clear separation between each location. e.g. Two separate corners, solitary cells, near particular sprays etc.

- Hot Potato

Two Terrorists must throw a gun to each other until a time which is preset by the Counter-Terrorists and not told to the Terrorists. Whoever is holding the gun at this time dies.


- Obstacle Course (Prison Break)
A form of death race. The Terrorists are placed onto the merry-go-round, they then race, staying off the ground, onto the monkey bars, onto the pull-up bars, then onto the swing-set. Depending if the warden decides, they may continue racing onto the fence or the goal. If a Terrorist touches the floor, they must start from the beginning.

- Hot Lava
A variation of the Obstacle Course, if the Terrorists touch the floor they are executed.

- Four corners (Spyder)
A map specific variation of 'Pick-a-???'. The Terrorists are put into the "four-corners room" in which they will pick a box on the ground. The Terrorists must stand in said box when a button is pushed, 3 of the squares become "green" making them live, the fourth one is deemed "red" and is then killed.

- Couch Game (Devs)
A map specific version of 'Pick-a-???'. The Counter-Terrorists pick a number 1-5 in their own team chat. The Terrorists then get on a couch in the middle cage, each with its according number. The number of the couch which matches the number placed in team chat will have it's Terrorists executed.

- Soccer (Alcatraz, Syntax, Underground, Devs, Luxury)
The Terrorist(s) are split up into 2 "teams", and are given a goal to protect, and a goal to attack. They then will try to get the ball into the goal that they were told to attack. Which ever goal gets scored on first, that goals "protectors" will be executed.

- Basketball (Underground)
Two or more Terrorists take turns trying to throw a pre-placed bomb into a basketball hoop. If one player scores a basket, then the next Terrorist has to also score a basket. If the next player misses, they die.

- Maze (Devs)
A form of death race. A group of Terrorists all enter the maze together. The first Terrorist to reach the maze exit may press the kill button and kill all Terrorists still in the maze unless prompted otherwise by the Counter-Terrorists.

- Climb (Syntax)
Terrorists all enter the specified climb chamber and must attempt to reach the top. After X number of terrorists finish, the rest are killed.

- Red Light, Green Light (Maximum)

When the light in the 'T room' is green, all Terrorists must be moving. Any terrorist not moving for a long period of time may be killed. When the light is red, the Terrorists must stop moving. Any terrorist moving after the light has gone red may be killed.

- Red Light, Green Light Race (Devs)
When the lights are green, Terrorists may run down their lane. When the lights are red, they must stop. Any Terrorists running while the lights are red must start over. The first Terrorist to the end wins.


- Simon Says
Simon Says is any game in which Terrorist have to do exactly as a Counter-Terrorist says in voice chat if the prefix it with "Simon Says" or any specified phrase, but not if the prefix isn't added. Any Terrorist not completing the prefixed order will be killed, the same goes for any Terrorist who completes the non-prefixed order.

- Evil Simon Says (a.k.a. Last Reaction)
Often a part of Simon Says, this is a game where a Counter-Terrorist will give an order and the last Terrorist to complete that order dies.

- Dodge the Bullet
The Terrorists will get in a small confined room, usually known as "The Solitary Room" on a given map. The Counter-Terrorist will randomly shoot into said room and kill Terrorists. The last Terrorist alive will be allowed to live.

- Live or Die
When a Counter-Terrorist types "Go" in chat, all Terrorists will type either 'live' or 'die' in chat. If all Terrorists type 'live', then they will all live. If all Terrorists type 'die', then they will all die. If there is a mixture of 'live's and 'die's, then all Terrorists who typed 'live' will die and all Terrorists who typed 'die' will live.
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 04:46:20 PM

Myth One:

If cells aren't open by 5:00 then its a free day.

Busted, this is not true, it is only a free day if the warden says its a free day

Myth Two:

If there are more CTs than Ts, its a free day.

Busted, this is not true, it is only a free day if the warden says its a free day

Myth Three:

If told to continuously jump, round around, or any other such command, then its valid

Busted, Ts must a have decently allotted amount of time to type, as that is their only way of communicating

Myth Four:

If called a free day, it cannot be revoked.

Busted, if a warden calls it a free day they do in fact have the ability to revoke it.

Myth Five:

If there is a last T, and he is wanted but just unarmed or waiting there and a CT is completely sure he wanted, as in he killed someone and its in console then since last T anyways, he gets a LR.

Busted, if a T is wanted, last or not, they are still wanted and to be killed.

Myth Six

Games such as Last Reaction, Evil Simon Says, Simon Says are banned

Confirmed, they are in fact banned

Myth Seven

If its free day I'm not wanted if I go into a restricted area such as armory or vents.

Busted,no you are wanted in vents and armory

Myth Eight

I can stay in vents as a ct if I am "watching" it for t's

Busted, vent camping is not allowed, unless you're moving through or know a T is in there

Myth Nine

If free killed, I deserve special treatment

Busted, no special treatment is given to those who the warden wants to give it to

Myth Ten

If the warden is a six year old then it justifies me not following orders and complaining about his voice.

Busted, age biasing is not allowed if some one 13 or 30 wants to be warden then so be it

Myth Eleven

I can talk about what happened on the beach yesterday with my friends on mic as a ct warden.

Busted, you're spamming the mic, and as its only allowed to be used for commands and such

Myth Twelve

I can kill a wanted terrorist who is in front of a unwanted terrorist and claim it was a crossfire.

Plausible, while the wanted T maybe standing in front of their teammate, it is generally advised you ask the unwanted T to move.

Myth Thirteen

If I slowly walk in front of a T even though I'm facing him or run through the middle of a Shot for Shot game, then its not considered baiting

Busted, it is considered baiting, there for don't do it

Myth Fourteen

I am impatient and I decide the other CT is typing too slow, so I type a trivia question which in turn makes 2 trivia questions to appear, my question is valid

Busted, the person who claims to have trivia first or assigned by the Warden

Myth Fifteen

If I see a T not moving for like ten seconds, he is AFK so I can kill them

Confirmed, yes if a player is AFK for ten seconds you may kill them

Myth Sixteen

I am a admin and I can talk uselessly on mic, get special treatment, and go to disco (on ct side) and camp armory.

Busted, you should be following the rules as well.

Myth Seventeen

If I'm a CT in disco just wanting to listen to music without a T in my presence then its not camping
Busted, its camping so move to where the Ts are, ASAP.

Myth Eighteen

I am talking on STEAM friends as a terrorist and that gives me the right to not follow orders or was shot for being AFK while talking on STEAM friends.

Busted, Its not their fault you decided to IM someone, the game wont wait for you.

Myth Nineteen

I am a ct and I can order people to drop guns and give them only 2 seconds to.

Plausible, you should give them enough time, however depending on who you are two seconds can be too much or too little

Myth Twenty

I don't have sound as a T so I can request all commands to be typed

BUSTED, get a headset or speakers. Better yet don't play Jail
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: justNaru on July 02, 2010, 05:05:29 PM
WOOOOOW man. thats long.. well could someone tell me in a little summary what is this all about? i mean this mod, ive never heard about it nor played it... but it looks pretty attractive, and cool. its a little bit annoying to read all this ( i read a little bit already, but not everithing xD)
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 05:10:16 PM
Jailbreak isn't really mod, but they do have management mods.... Jailbreak is maps that allow you to do something like it.... Its the players/admins who make it happen...

I can explain it to you over the microphone lolz the rules by that means..

If you want I can try and get a server up to show everyone it... By any means...
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: DamienCockburn on July 02, 2010, 08:12:56 PM
i think some of the myths are bullshit but overall good guide
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on July 02, 2010, 08:21:18 PM
Lol, what myths are you refering too?

Like I said, I have a server that we can beta test and I can show you how its done and if you have a few problems, you can work it out with editions.... Wouldn't mind if Cadi were here to help upon this thread wanna hear his opinion, guess I ain't good enough for him yet =( ....

Sgt John* Calling upon the HONORABLE WARDEN Zueler....

Sorry I was yeah... Lets stay on subject.... Anyways...
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: TheKanKin on August 11, 2010, 09:18:19 AM
Thisis a very good idea as i cant find any Jailbreak servers except two
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: Scrappy Coco on August 11, 2010, 09:31:56 AM
yea is good idea but you need to understand to this community come ppl all over the world how you play jail break  if ppl are form south america , germany , middle-east and much more then you need to kick ppl for dont follow the rules because that ppl dont follow the rules because dont speak english ...

almost all ppl need microphone  to play this map
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on August 14, 2010, 11:50:34 AM
I'd have to disagree, Ts shouldn't require a mic but CTs should... That's about the only concept.

All around the world? Well if you don't speak English be a T or just don't play the Jailbreak...
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: Enfini on August 14, 2010, 07:46:05 PM
Wazup Azerak u r back haha but yeah it sounds like a good idea, there area a lot of fail servers because of bad admins. This server has by far has the best admins with respectable rules that are followed. Other server(no matter if it is zombie, surf, jailbreak) admin abuse like shit.
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: Scrappy Coco on August 14, 2010, 09:37:12 PM
then you said if i dont have mic then play in t and if i dont speak english dont play jailbreaK  uhh ...

I believe the policy of this community is to reach all locations over the world...  maybe i wrong but anyway  i like "" the idea""  

and dont stress with my comment
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: WestCoast on August 21, 2010, 09:24:44 AM
oh. oh. i like this suggestion.. well it will take a time maybe for this server to be created.. i have played this b4 in an CS 1.6 version b4. well it was great to play.. anyways.. the rules were just like the rules b4 in the CS1.6 Jailbreak.! well i suggest we could still lvl up there and grenade plant ct's... ^^
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: Cripta on November 21, 2010, 06:59:33 PM
jaja this good your transformation azerak
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: kokokiko on April 17, 2011, 02:57:22 PM
Give download link please!!!
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: azerak on May 25, 2011, 03:24:57 PM
Apparently we need to get Cadis attention here... So he'll get a Jailbreak server, because then I'd be willing to pay for Server Admin...
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: Mathew on May 25, 2011, 03:57:44 PM
great idea man hopefully cadi look's at this
Title: Jailbreak
Post by: justNaru on May 25, 2011, 09:18:15 PM
yeah i hope he takes a look at this, this mod looks fun..