Author Topic: The New Batman Reveled!  (Read 800 times)

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The New Batman Reveled!
« on: August 23, 2013, 08:18:25 PM »

Warn. Bros Released this news recently: that the role of batman in the Upcoming Superman/Batman movie in 2015 will be played by Ben Affleck. I personally think he could pull it off, I mean people thought Heath Leader would have done a terrible job at joker but it actually ended out being the one of the Best Movies of all time as well as the best Joker performance ever...he even got an Oscar for it. If you guys don't know what the movie will be about -> It's most likely going to be similar to the Animated Movie The Dark Knight Returns part 2 which was based off a comic. It's basically batman who has retired from fighting crime and is now old. He sees how the world has become bad after his retirement so he tries 1 last mission. --> more info on the part one. In the next movie Joker is back (after having no reason to live when the batman wasn't around he was in a mental institution, and it's hinted in the first part that he was coming out of the sociological coma and now has a reason to live since batman is back). Batman knowing he would not be able to keeps this up since he is old, he ends up killing joker and then ends up having to fight Superman at the end(which is a great match and Batman beats him). More info for Part 2 -> I am wondering what you guys think of Ben Affleck playing Batman, do you think he will pull it off?
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Re: The New Batman Reveled!
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2013, 10:30:51 PM »
fuck no batman haves a dark and troubled past Idk of you ever had something bad happen to you when you was a kid but your not going to be a happy asshole like ben.
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